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An Obsession

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Birthdate:Mar 17

Name: Shriya

Age: 20

Fandom: Cassiopeia

About Me:

-> A complete and utter retard


-> Painfully Obsessed with Changmin (and Jaejoong...but shhh nobody needs to know ;))

-> Totally BiPolar.

-> A tsundere >_>

-> I have a dog named Ozzie and a rat called Mouse

-> My favourite BoyxBoy pairings in DB5K are YunJae, JaeMin, YooMin, MinSu, YooSu, HoSu, HoMin, JaeSu (in order of preference) [Not a big fan of JaeChun unless it's really well written or AU]

-> Favourite Asian Dramas : Coffee Prince, Goong, Full House, You're So Beautiful, Heartstrings, PTB, Sakyugwan Scandal, RTP, BOF, Personal Taste, Prosecutor Princess, My Princess, To The Beautiful You, Hana Kimi, Gokusen (1.2.3 and the movie), Kimi Wa Petto, Ouran High School Host Club, Winter's Sonata, Fated To Love You, Mars, In Time With You (I'm pretty sure I've seen a million of these...and I've loved all of them. But since I can actually remember these...I guess these are the highlights xD)

-> Favourite Bands/ Singers (other than TVXQ): SS501, EXO, Super Junior, Shinee, CN Blue, FT Island, Big Bang, BEG, GG, F(x), KATUN, ARASHI, Ailee, Ga In, K Will, B1A4, Infinite (I like their songs and Hoya xD He's cute),

-> Afraid of : Insects. Ghosts. *shudders*

-> Favourite Color: Red.

-> Favourite Number: 5

-> Note: I may tend to occasionally obsess over the creature below this.

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